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CaptionSaver Pro for Google Meet

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CaptionSaver Pro for Google Meet

3 ratings

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"Unprecedented times call for new apps and inventions and CaptionSaver Pro is one of our favorites" (link)

"One of the most important things you can do in any meeting is to take notes – and with CaptionSaver Pro, you'll have the power to do so automatically without losing your focus on the meeting at hand." (link)

"With the help of CaptionSaver Pro, you’ve got an information backstop in place, there to help make sure none of the most important takeaways from a video call get lost in the shuffle." (link)

"Whether you're having trouble focusing during video meetings or just want to make sure you catch everything that happens, CaptionSaver Pro serves as your automatic notetaker, transcribing everything said in the meeting so you never miss a thing." (link)

"Video calls don't just make meetings easier, they can actually make them more productive—if you approach them the right way. One great (and cheap) way to play to the strengths of online learning is with CaptionSaver Pro" (link)

Automatically save the full caption transcript from your Google Meetings!

CaptionSaver Pro makes this super easy. All you have to do is:

  • Join a meeting
  • Participate (or....turn off your camera & mic so you can snack away 🍟🍕🍩🍪)
  • And leave the meeting

Once you've left the meeting, the full caption transcript will be waiting for you in Google Drive!


Here's everything you'll get when you purchase a CaptionSaver Pro License Key:

Lifetime Access to all future features and upgrades

Unlimited Auto-Saves to Google Drive

✓ Auto-Start Captioning

✓ Highlighting

✓ Timestamps

✓ Download .TXT

Coming Soon!

✓ Auto-Organize by Date

✓ Integrations (let us know which ones!)


Do you store any of my meeting transcripts?

Nope! Your meeting caption transcripts are only stored on your Google Drive. We don't have access to these documents.

Will others see the meeting transcription?

Nope. Only you can see the captions, but the transcript will include everyone speaking.

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